Equine-assisted Therapy

Who is for?

People with mental, motor and/or psychological disabilities  such as:

Motor, sensory or mental disability (Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson, acquired brain damage, cerebral palsy)

Mental illness (depression, schizophrenia, addictions)

Neurodevelopmental and behavioural disorders (ASD, ADHD)

People of all ages (children, teenagers, adults, seniors) can benefit from equine therapy sessions, individually or in groups.

About equine-assisted therapy

What is about? Why with horses?

Equine therapy is a comprehensive therapeutic approach, complementary to medical care, which uses the horse as a mediator and co-therapist.

Sessions are tailored to the patient’s needs to achieve established treatment goals.

The three-dimensional movement and body temperature of the horse, along with the activities guided by the therapist, stimulate the musculo-articular system helping to improve balance, reflexes and coordination.

In its psychic dimension, the ability of horses to connect and understand our body language and read our emotions, is used to improve self-esteem and confidence, as well as communication.

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Benefits of equine therapy

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Improves verbal and non-verbal communication

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Self-esteem and self-confidence

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Improves reflexes, balance and coordination

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Increases attention span

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Socializing function

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Relax and de-stress

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Improves muscle tone and flexibility

Toma las riendas-Terapia con caballos- Equinoterapia

Boost memory

My approach

Initial assessment

During the first visit, I assess your needs and expectations. Together we agreed on the therapeutic objectives.

You will receive an initial report with the goals to achieve and the type of sessions recommended.

If the sessions are going to be done with your own horse, prior evaluation and training of the horse will be necessary to carry out the sessions in complete safety.


The sessions will be carried out in one of the collaborating stables or in your own stable. The duration of the sessions is approximately 30 to 50 minutes.


Periodic reports

I will provide you with follow-up reports every three months evaluating the progress of the therapy and the need to adapt it if necessary.

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